Creating quality leather goods that are timeless in beauty and functional in design

Who we are and what we value

Vicki Jean Leather Design Co. takes pride in being woman owned and woman made, operating from a small home studio in Hawi, Hawai’i. Here, we prioritize crafting you quality, honest products that surpasses the facade of name-brands and high price tags. Our mission is to create one-size-fits-all designs that make women feel beautiful, confident and stylish without having to fit a specific beauty standard or garment size.

We believe that beauty and confidence are timeless and ageless qualities that should be accessible to everyone.


Meet Vicki

Vicki Jean Dyer is a West Coast artist living in Hawai’i. After serving in the Air Force as a young woman and taking desk jobs to make ends meet, Vicki eventually decided to rely on her creative entrepreneurial side to make a living for herself and her family. Past ventures include designing women’s clothing with her mother, owning and operating an antique store, and partnering with her husband’s seafood business. After experimenting with jewelry for a time, Vicki honed her desire to be a maker and turned to leather for the fine, rich, sensuous qualities of the material. Combining her experience with sewing and fashion assembly, Vicki has designed a line of timeless, elevated everyday handbags. Outside the studio, Vicki is a mother, grandmother and wife sharing a quiet life in Hawai’i with her husband and two pups.